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Comic should be up soon.

I was nearly 600 in the queue when I went to update it, but it SHOULD be up soon! Gasp!

It's two panels longer than I had finished earlier this week, since Keen wouldn't let me update when I wanted to, and then I forgot about it in the face of the devastating illness of the girlfriend. So, two new panels to make up for it. ^_^ (Originally it ended when Courtney ended the song.)

The only other thing I have is - listen to Avenue Q if you haven't. ^_^ The lyrics (and the shirt) are both from it. (I actually put Courtney in that shirt before *I* had heard Avenue Q - then my dad randomly had the soundtrack because he'd seen it on Broadway, the bastard, so I stole it and OMG LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE.)

Off to feed the kitties.
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