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Morgan in the Morning!

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This is the LiveJournal Community for the Morgan in the Morning webcomic, found at the URL link contained somewhere else. I am your friendly neighborhood moderator and author/artist of said comic. I have powers pinto beans can only dream of!

Anyway, here you can do things like ask questions about the characters and the comic, demand to know why I suck so much, and generally waste time in a profitless and nonpractical way. I like wasting time. I don't like moderating, though, so don't make me do it. My other community has never required moderating. I like this.

So, here are the rules that you must follow to keep me from moderating and yourself from having to care if I do or not:

ONE: I am in many other communities, not the least of which is grammar_whores. There's this nifty thing called spellcheck that lj offers, as well as this other thing called proofreading that you can do. Don't give me fodder.

TWO: Please use lj-cut, yo. You know, if it's appropriate.

THREE: Be excellent to each other.

FOUR: I'll think of something.