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Comic is up.

So, yes, I ended up taking a week to do this. Mainly because drawing Jesse is fairly hard work, but add in the whole plane fiasco, and my week was totally thrown off. But it got me thinking... instead of missing an update all the time, for a little while I'm going to cut back to updating once a week. That's about what I end up doing anyway, right? Might as well make it official. Since it's Saturday, we'll go with Saturdays, especially as that gives me all week, as well as a day off of work, before I have to get the comic done. ^^;

I'm going to try to get back up to twice a week once I have a better rhythm going. I seem to finally be getting better, so I might only do this for a little while. But, for now, just check the comic on Saturday (unless I say differently here).

Yes, this was copied almost verbatim from the comic page. Sue me. =p
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