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Update! *faint*

A vague sort of comic is up. As I said, it's late but I DID draw it on April 1, so... yeah. Look, boy kissage to make up for it!

I know what will happen next comic, so check back Sunday (or check here, I'll say if I get it up.) Here's to updating once a week again! ^_^;
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Deleted comment

Eh heh heh heh... sorry about that, this whole thing with the police and the glee club (long story) prevented me from ever getting time to draw. ^_^;;; I will try for an update tomorrow or Sunday!

Deleted comment

All right, then. Actually, it's two stories, the first one being very boring. That is of the glee club, which we went to see during our anime club's screening (as it was during it, bastards). Instead of the expected two hours, it took three and a half. So that sucked my time more than expected.

When we returned, we found the police there (at the anime screening). This was apparently the second time, but I wasn't there for the first. They had been called because of these teenagers who come to the screening and then do nothing but hang out. This time they stayed outside, but apparently they pissed SOMEONE off, as the police (well, campus security) was called. We then spent awhile talking to them, explaining that the kids never came inside so how, exactly, are we supposed to deal with them, anyway, being as we are an anime club and not campus security, and our contract covers one room, not the entire campus. As I am an officer, I had to talk to them too. Then it was time to go home and sleep.

So, no time. Much like this weekend. I am at work now and will try to get something drawn during desk. >_>